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I am a nurse who had been suffering with headaches for many years and decided to try chiropractic. I was referred to Real Health by a teacher friend who has been going there for a several months. The headache medication I had been taking for years was no longer effective and causing other issues. I found the staff at Real Health to be friendly and helpful. The doctors came up with a plan for treatment and therapies which helped me tremendously. Headaches are 99% resolved and now no more medications!

Barbara M.North Charleston, SC

I was involved in an auto accident in 2012 that left me with severe back pain. I went to the traditional doctor who recommended basic therapy that didn’t do much to help. A family member goes to Real Health and recommended I give them a try. I found the exam very thorough and the doctor really friendly. They explained the treatment plan to me and I saw results within the first two visits. I now bring in my daughter for chiropractic care because she use to complain about her legs hurting. I love the natural approach to helping many problems.

Steve T.Summerville, SC

I have a very stressful career that results in severe neck pain and stiffness. I was not getting any relief with muscle relaxers or medications so I looked for safe, natural solutions and found Real Health Clinic in Goose Creek. I love the massage and the spinalator table before getting my adjustment because it helps me to relax. I feel that I am handling my stressful job much better and even have more energy. I tell my co-workers about Real Health too!

Suzanne R.Hanahan, SC

I am 65 years old and have been suffering with carpal tunnel in both wrists for several years. I was considering surgery but then my friend told me to try chiropractic first. I had been to a chiropractor many years previously and remember it helped me then so I gave Real Health a try. Not only does my wrists feel better but my neck and shoulders feel looser as well. The doctor was gentle and the therapies and massage also were wonderful.

Marie P.Goose Creek, SC

I used to see another chiropractor and all I got was an adjustment. I love the massage and other therapies offered at Real Health because they help me relax and help hold the adjustment too. The doctors are really friendly and always have time to talk about nutrition and other health related issues. Today, it is all about results and I love the care I get.

Jim N.Charleston, SC

I was suffering with eczema for many years and it was getting worse. I was tired of the creams and medications with little or no affect. I heard that Real Health Clinic offered specialized testing that helps to determine the cause of this problem and other conditions. I not only found out that I am allergic to dairy and wheat but other foods as well. By eliminating these foods and supplementing with needed nutritional products, my body is 98% clear and getting better all the time! This clinic is really all about “Real” health.

Olivia T.Goose Creek, SC

I had heard about the work that Dr. Renee Tocco Hunter does with autism. I have a three-year old son who was diagnosed with autism a year and a half ago. We decided to travel from Columbia for a consultation. Dr. Hunter ordered specialized tests which uncovered so much about what was really causing our son’s symptoms. One of his most troubling conditions was whole body dermatitis that caused severe itching day and night. Since he was eighteen months old, nearly his entire body had been covered in this itchy, horrible rash. When he was young we would cover his body with ace bandages just to keep him from scratching his skin off. Our doctor had tried everything and finally we were controlling it with a powerful, prescription steroid. I was very worried about what this would do to his body in the long-term in addition to the fact that we were only managing the symptom and did not know why he was suffering. My son was also sleeping terribly and had a significant gastrointestinal problems. Our pediatrician always told us that his constant, burning diarrhea was normal. When we got our tests results back, we found out that our son had several severe food allergies as well as a gastrointestinal infection. Of the many doctors we had seen, no one had ever told us anything about these kinds of tests. Dr. Hunter made some changes to the foods we feed our son and put him on special supplements. Now, just several weeks later, our life has changed. Our son is sleeping fine and his mood is ridiculously happy ;). The constant poopy, runny wet diapers are gone completely and his stool is becoming more and more normal. Always a bit mushy but it is changing into a more solid form which is rather exciting! He is signing “open” consistently and he will use words and signs during activities he really loves now like swimming lessons (yes, his skin is finally good enough for swimming!!!!)!!! He seems to be less glazed over and understanding more so we are very pleased. When I look back to just a few weeks ago and then look at how amazing he is doing, feeling and how GREAT his skin is looking I can’t help but keep pushing forward and trying harder. Thank you Real Health!

Carlene M.Columbia, SC

I was taking antacids with every meal for about seven years. Dr. Hunter ordered some tests and was able to determine what was causing the constant digestive upset. Now no more medicine, no more pain and discomfort, and I am healthier than ever!

Jason N,Holly Hill, SC

I am a woman in my 40’s who has done about every fad diet there is, from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and even starvation, and I have never been able to lose weight without gaining more back. My food cravings are usually out of control and being fat had ruined my self-esteem for many years. I almost just accepted that I would be overweight forever when a friend told me that she’d lost 30 pounds using the Real Health Weight Loss Program. Reluctantly I decided to give it a try. I made the decision to be very dedicated for 3 weeks and then give up forever if this time it didn’t work. After 20 days, I was on “cloud nine”. I had lost 16 pounds and felt amazing. The plan took commitment and some planning but I never felt hungry and had no blood sugar problems. I continued on to lose another 20 pounds and now, 6 months later I am still the same weight! Their supplements really changed my metabolism and I was able to say goodbye to the food cravings that had ruled my life for as long as I could remember. I just wish I would have found this clinic years ago.

Sally S.Charleston, SC

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome my doctor put me on medications and I just assumed I would always have to live like that. I never knew that people could get rid of these conditions. Thanks to the unique tests offered by Real Health Clinic I was able to get to the bottom of what was destroying my health. A year later my family has seen me totally transform and regain my life. I’ve realized that when it comes to your health, you have two choices: you can either live with drugs and medication or your can look for the underlying cause and fix the problem.

Patricia K.Mt. Pleasant, SC

As a new mother I felt uncomfortable with the vaccine schedule my pediatrician was recommending. And once he had an ear infection but I wanted to know alternatives to giving him antibiotics. Every time I would ask my pediatrician questions she became very irritated and made me feel pressured. After a few visits like this I interviewed a few other doctors and had similar experiences. I had never met a doctor who would openly discuss the pros and cons of health care choices for my son. And then I came to Real Health Clinic. Not only are the doctors knowledgeable about natural health care but they respect and support my right as a parent to make informed decisions for my family. Even more, they are always happy to provide information and resources for parents like me who want to be educated. I recommend Real Health to all of my friends who have babies and want a more holistic, natural approach to health.

Rachelle W.Mt. Pleasant, SC

I have been very wary about going to chiropractors. Some people have said that you feel much better while others warn that you will be sorry if you go- this includes physicians. I decided to visit Real Health after hearing so many positive reviews. All I can say is that I am very pleased. Not only does Real Health know how to do proper physiological adjustments, they thoroughly explains results and gives you helpful feedback. The entire staff makes one feel welcome and cared for, and you can’t ask more than this.

Diane Connelly

I have been seeing various chiropractors for 26 years and have had adjustments from at least 11 different doctors. The Doctors at Real Health are by far the best! The adjustments are freeing and long lasting. They truly cares about their patients’ health and overall well-being.

Karen Morrison

Real Health is by far the best chiropractic out there! The staff are caring, positive, and eager to give you an enjoyable experience every appointment. I owe my gratitude and pain relief to everyone at Real Health.

Jennifer Morales

Real Health is one of the best chiropractic wellness facilities of which I have ever had the honor of being a patient! The Doctors at Real Health know how to help ease the pain. Not to mention, the staff is helpful, informative, and respectful. They provide such a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Lynda Hernandez

Coming to Real Health has changed my life. I no longer am dependent on medication. I can enjoy my children, my grandchildren, and my life! Thanks Real Health! You made a REAL difference!

Karen Gennaro

I was getting migraines more frequently than ever so a colleague recommended Real Health. In a few adjustments my migraines started to diminish.

Charlene Morris

Real Health has saved me so many times that I cannot even count. I am their spontaneous patient, meaning I usually buzz in and out unannounced. They adjust me and do it with a smile. I love them! Thanks for taking care of me!

Kim Rohl