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Neck Pain’s Common Cause

In a healthy functioning and configured spinal column, the head should be suspended directly over the spine. This ensures that the weight of the head is carried over the body’s center of gravity. The head should be suspended by a curve formed by the vertebral bones in the neck. This curve acts as a shock absorber for our head with every step and jump we make. Sometimes, because of bad posture while reading or doing computer work, from texting or using handheld devices; or because of an accident; or for any number of reasons, a person’s posture will change such that their head is shifted forward from a neutral position.

Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS)

For every one inch that your head is carried forward of your center of gravity, weight of the head and the eff¬ectively weighs ten more pounds for the muscles responsible for support. Feel this yourself: hold a bowling ball right in front of your truck, next to the core of your body; then, extend your arms out to shift it forward. It got heavier, right? When this shift in head position occurs, the consequence is that the muscles of your neck and your upper back will need to work harder to hold your head up. This can cause neck pain, back pain, and muscle fatigue. Research has shown that blood flow through a muscle decreases as contraction increases, and is virtually cut off¬ at 50-60% of continuous maximal contraction. Lack of blood flow results in a buildup of lactic acid and other metabolites that cause muscle pain and soreness.

AHS Causes a Myriad of Problems

AHS causes the spinal column in the neck to elongate and straighten. Research shows this alters the mechanical properties of the spinal cord and nerve roots, which may change the ring patterns of the neurons. Since the neck contains every neuron that connects your brain with the rest of your body, the spinal cord in the neck is especially important to the function of every organ, cell, and tissue. Loss of the cervical curve also causes unnatural stress on the bones in the cervical spine causing the body to lay down new bone in the area of stress to strengthen it. Research demonstrates that this process results in arthritic bone spur growth in the cervical spine. This unnatural head position, and the cervical spine shifted out of alignment, can lead to radiculopathy, neuropathy, and cervicogenic pain.

Neck Rehabilitation & Pain Relief

The Cervical Collar is an active therapy device designed to reduce the symptoms of AHS. It promotes improved posture and a more natural alignment, which serves to re-educate the spine. The neck and upper back works all of your waking hours. During sleep, these areas are not completely at rest since, in a lying position, many patients experience increased discomfort. Count on your Cervical Collar to give your neck the vacation it needs to heal.

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