At Real Health Clinic we believe that each health care decision should be an educated, informed choice.  In the United States we spend more on our health care than any other country in the world and yet Americans are sicker than  ever.  Our entire model of health care is broken as we have focused on managing symptoms with medication instead of detecting and addressing the TRUE cause of illness. There is always a true cause for every condition including asthma, allergies, ADD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pain, sleep and mental disorder.  This means that if the cause is treated, the condition can be resolved permanently.  One commitment that we have to our community is to be a source of information and resources so that our patients can make the best possible decisions for themselves, their family and loved ones.  This means that we highly promote the idea that for every medical intervention considered, the risks, benefits, side effects and less-invasive alternatives should be analyzed.

You can find many informative, evidence-based videos and articles by viewing RH TV and RH News.  If you ever have questions or need a second opinion from one of our Wellness Consultants, please call 843-302-0920.