Natural Knee Pain Relief knee

Do you suffer with osteoarthritis? You may feel pain with movement or even at rest. Your joints may be stiff and swollen, which can limit your ability to move. Most people who suffer with osteoarthritis say that the symptoms interfere with life’s normal activities, such as walking, dressing and even sleeping.

How does osteoarthritis (OA) damage your knee?

Normally, smooth, firm tissue called cartilage covers and protects the ends of your bones. The fluid in the joint contains a substance called hyaluronate. This fluid acts as a “shock absorber” and lubricant so that the knee joint can work properly.

Risk Factors

  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Injury or overuse
  • Genetics or heredity
  • Muscle weakness
  • Other diseases and types
    of arthritis

When you have OA of the knee:

  • The joint fluid may lose its ability to protect the joint
  • Smooth cartilage that normally protects the ends of the knee bones may lose its cushioning effect or become pitted and frayed. Large areas of cartilage may even wear away completely, so the bones scrape painfully over each other
  • Cartilage breakdown may cause the joint to lose its shape, and the bone ends may thicken and form bony spurs
  • Fragments of bone or cartilage may float in the joint space, causing further damage and pain

What is HYALGAN®?

HYALGAN® is a solution that contains a natural substance called hyaluronate. Hyaluronate is normally found in the fluid that lubricates and cushions your knee joint. HYALGAN® is injected into your knee to relieve pain.

HYALGAN® is a treatment option for people who live with chronic knee pain that provides long-lasting pain relief for up to 6 months

HYALGAN® is not a drug. Its principal component is a naturally derived substance called hyaluronan that relieves your pain by lubricating and cushioning your knee joint. Hyaluronan is a natural chemical found in the body and is present in a particularly high amount in joint tissues and in the fluid that fills the joint (also called synovial fluid). 

HYALGAN® injections work differently than oral pain medications. HYALGAN® does not pass through your bloodstream to work and it does not cause stomach bleeding problems like some pain medications.  HYALGAN® has been safely used for 28 years worldwide. Approximately 50 million treatments have been given.

Finally, enjoy pain relief without drugs or surgery.

Hyalgan is a natural treatment method to help you find relief. And it’s covered by insurance!