What can you expect when you first come to Real Health Clinic?shutterstock_28703965

For starters, a warm welcome and a strong sense of caring for the families who entrust us with their health.

A staff with very high standards and a genuine passion for helping you rebuild or enhance your health, and reach your maximum potential for vitality.

Health care providers who put your health first, who will provide their best recommendations and honor your right to make health decisions for your family…

When patients first reach out to Real Health Clinic, often they are understandably worried.  They are not sure where to get the proper treatment, and many times are “in the dark” about the different treatment options available.  Commonly they have had numerous, unsatisfactory health care experiences where the visits with the doctor were rushed and typically resulted in a quickly written prescription and many questions left unanswered.

That’s where we step in and introduce patients to our version of health care.  We believe our patients deserve to be thoroughly evaluated and then be provided with options and the information to make educated health care decisions.  We go to great lengths to answer all questions our findings, recommendations, insurance and fees.  Then as care proceeds we handle the details while our patients focus on their health and well-being.

So when you actually arrive at Real Health Clinic, the first thing we do is listen carefully so we understand all of the important details about your health concern.  Then we go to work, starting with what our patients describe as one of the most comprehensive examinations they have ever received.  We are concerned not with simply eliminating your symptoms or covering your pain, but with discovering and treating the root cause to provide long lasting results and positive changes in your health for years to come.  We also screen for developing health conditions, with a strong focus on prevention and restoration.

Then our team of health care providers customize a treatment plan, hand-selecting from our menu of services, to create a course of care that caters directly to accomplishing your health goals.

There is a lot at stake when you are living with pain or chronic illness.  And when our patients rely on us for help we never take that responsibility lightly.  We will always strive to be the best partner in healthcare we can be for our patients.  

To learn more about how Real Health Clinic can help you or your loved one,

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