Dr. Renee Tocco Hunter

Clinic Director          

Dr. Renee Tocco Hunter is the founder of the Foundation For Pediatric Health, a nonprofit organization, and Hope for Autism. She started her distinguished career at Sherman College where she earned her doctorate degree as a chiropractic physician. After attending the Autism Research Institute’s “Defeat Autism Now!” conference, Dr. Tocco Hunter felt compelled to focus her career on autism and other chronic childhood illnesses.  She is a national speaker, trainer and consultant on methods to help children and adults recover from chronic illness. In 2010 she released an educational DVD for families “The Explosion of Childhood Illness Explained”. She is the Director of the World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE) and also previously served as the Hope For Autism conference coordinator. For more information, visit FoundationForPediatricHealth.org. To connect with her and receive excellent information about preventing childhood illness join her Facebook group.

Medical Director 

Leigh Spicer, MD


Patient Care Staff         

Renee Puckett, NP

Administrative Staff

fb_img_14721531544551Ronetta Hebert – Administrative Assistant & Human Resource Director

ashley3-01Ashley Columber– Front Office Director & Patient Compliance Director

amber2-01Amber Higgins – New Patient Intake Specialist & Receptionist

christine3-01Christine Sideikas – Receptionist

Janet Llaneras – Public Relations Assistant