Does your shutterstock_29688862doctor under-listen &  over-medicate?

Your health problems should be resolved, not just managed.

Welcome to the Real Health Clinic, where your health is our priority.

Chronic illness can safely be called epidemic in today’s society. Medical practitioners are prescribing pharmaceutical drugs at record rates. Most often the medication only allows a patient to manage symptoms as they continue to suffer from the same condition for years to come.

At Real Health Clinic, we understand that health problems are most often caused by metabolic and functional sources. Our integrative approach to evaluation and treatment acknowledges that with any chronic condition there are multiple contributing factors that are often overlooked: digestion, inflammation, immune reactions, hormone levels, oxidative stress, toxicity, structural injury, and side effects from medication. Clinical assessment of your symptoms and history, a thorough medical examination, and appropriate laboratory testing are the foundation for an effective treatment plan.

We are dedicated to caring for the whole patient, not just the disease. Our goal is to restore your health for the long-term, not just to reduce your symptoms. We offer specialized laboratory tests and advanced treatments that are not widely offered by other clinics. The results from these cutting-edge tests allow us to create a personalized treatment plan designed to restore balance and optimize functions, increasing your chance of recovery.

Our services include: